Why Vegetarian Veteran?

February 27, 2011

Welcome. If you’ve come here thinking you’ll get sage advice from a veteran vegetarian who can help guide your way down that winding road, sorry. I am a vegetarian, and I’m a veteran. I was looking for something simple, couldn’t find anything much more simple than that.

My wife and I started down the vegetarian road about a year ago, and are trying to work our way towards being vegan. TRYING.

I intend to use this blog as a way to basically talk about what I’ve experienced, and hopefully in some small way, be helpful to someone else trying to go down the path of change.

My writing will not only be about my struggles and successes down this particular path, but also about some of the roads that led me to this particular place and time, as a grandfather making changes for the future.

Perhaps someone will get some amusement from it, I think I’m going to have fun writing it. There has to be SOMETHING funny about changing your lifestyle after spending 54 years thinking you’re invincible, doesn’t there? Check back and find out, I look forward to going down this road with others.

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