March 12, 2011

I like to think of myself as a reasonably open-minded individual (for those that know me well, yes, it’s come late in life), someone who looks beyond the surface of something to see the real message that resides below. In the last two years, I’ve also taken steps to improve my health through lifestyle changes that resulted in the loss of a good amount of weight, reduction in the amount of prescribed medications I had to take, and a new-found fondness for vegetables.

As a result, I have become more aware of health issues, the costs as a result of them, and things that can be done to improve our overall health as a people and nation. I respect the fact that we have asked companies to provide more information about their products so that we can make better decisions about those products and whether or not to incorporate them into our daily lives. I also am a big believer in educating not only our children but all those around us by using the everyday things we do and say. More lessons are learned by example than by beatings, I say.

All that being said, I saw this blurb in Time magazine, and found a web link (below) to share. I think it’s a perfect example of GOING TOO FAR! I mean, really. Really? It’s Mr. Potato Head! So I guess that means that I can assume that if I use the same thinking that is used to justify slimming down Mr. Potato Head (ultimately, children will get the message that “thinner is better”), that at some point in the future, kids will get the message that big pink ears and big red noses are better too?

Please don’t bother to comment if it has anything to do with the theory that Hasbro needed to reduce the amount of material used in the product to put into check the rising costs of the toy so it could “remain competitive”. Please.


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