The path to a plant based lifestyle – struggles and reflections I

March 15, 2011

As I write more and more, I find myself reaching further inside to share. I said in the beginning that this was to be about the path, not realizing that this journey is not so much about “a path”, but more so about the multiple paths taken, and just how much those paths affect one another. I also am more aware, as I’m going forward on these paths, just how much time I spend looking in the rear view mirror.

It started after a trip back east over Thanksgiving 2008. We had gone back to visit family. It was a chance for us to eat all the things we missed living in Texas. White Castle (not re-heated frozen, fresh off the grill); Ben’s Kosher Pastrami, matzoh ball soup, hot dog, fries; veal cutlet parmesan sandwich and rice balls from an italian salumeria; bacon and egg sandwiches on a true kaiser roll (with extra butter of course); Dunkin Donuts (there was none near us at the time). A real food fest. Put the Thanksgiving meal on top of that, lots of red wine, italian pastries, and the drive back and forth from Texas, man I couldn’t tell you how much weight I added to my already overweight body. Didn’t give my blood pressure or cholesterol any consideration, because, “hey, I’m taking medication for that”. Then there was all the food and drink leading up to, and on, Christmas day.

We had breakfast out the day after Christmas, and boy, that breakfast sat poorly with me all day. Didn’t feel like eating the rest of the day, although I did munch on snacks. Started drinking wine early, as it usually would help with my indigestion, no idea why (think it was an excuse to drink?). I got to a point where I still didn’t feel any better, and didn’t want to drink my wine (that’s incredible on its own).

I’m not sure what clicked, but something flipped that night.

My wife and I talked about it, and we decided to try to change. That included changing the way we ate, and taking alcohol out of the equation. She was working with a website trying to help her to lose weight. I checked it out, and found it provided me with tools I needed to help myself as well. I had tried losing weight on my own, as well as with Weight Watchers, to no avail. My mind was not “right” previously either, this time there was something different.

As an aside, I would recommend this site to anyone else looking for a different way to help themselves with regard to weight loss. It’s completely free, and the tools for tracking your food intake, support groups, exercise help, etc, are invaluable. It’s called sparkpeople – check it out if you’re so inclined.

Our first test? New Years Eve. We were determined. No alcohol. We passed! That was over two years ago, the new beginning, the first step on the path that brought us to the point we are today.

Hang in there, if you keep checking back, I promise I’ll spill my guts about the myriad of obstacles, both internal and external that threw themselves in front of us on our journey (if that intrigues you in some small way). 🙂

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