Dallas Vegan Bake Sale for Japan Relief

April 30, 2011

I wanted to congratulate all those that put in effort today to support the Dallas Vegan Bake Sale. It was held at the Beauty Bar Dallas on Henderson St from noon to 4 PM today.

I got there late (but I got there!), and there were a number of items remaining to get. I picked up a few, donated $20.00 (gave 5 bucks more, because I took a little extra!), couldn’t tell you how anything tasted yet, I promised my wife I’d wait until she got home from work before I tore into the goodies. They all looked absolutely wonderful, I’m certain they’ll taste great (that tends to happen with things made with love, huh?).

I spoke with Jade Degrio for a few moments (pictured below, holding up the paper bag), she told me she believed they had raised nearly $3000.00 to be donated for Japan relief.

An enthusiastic Jade behind the table

I was excited to be there and be a part of this. As a recent convert to a plant-based diet, I search out things like this to be around like-minded individuals. I also like to be around folks such as this that are younger than I am (quite a bit younger), because you can’t help but get swept up in the enthusiasm.

While it’s been made quite easy for all of us to contribute online to those in need (no small number), I like what’s been done here. It speaks of a community coming together to rally around something much bigger than themselves. In this day and age, it’s encouraging to see.

I know that many (particularly in my age group) still view vegans with a wary eye  (“those anti-war nuts”; “those people who just eat salad”). It’s sad to me. Sad because, after so many years of thinking a certain way, we don’t allow ourselves to be open to listening to other ways of thinking. It’s difficult at times for sure. We need to be willing to accept ideas that are probably very different from ours.

I loved what I saw today. People helping people. I’m going to be watching for more, and finding ways that I can be a little more involved. I’m not giving up my past, just looking forward to what’s ahead, and pretty sure it’s not going to be the same old thing.

I spend a good deal of time in Austin for work these days, and get “tweets” from all over the country. I see things like this many times over in other places. It’s time for Dallas to step up its game. Jade and all these other folks involved should be proud of themselves, I know I am.

Oh yeah! And since I contributed what I did, I got a raffle ticket! Maybe an additional goodie as well!


4 Responses to “Dallas Vegan Bake Sale for Japan Relief”

  1. Christy said

    Be sure to check out the DallasVegan.com site and sign up for the newsletter. We have cool events happening every week! And come to my cooking classes starting May 15th 🙂

    • Thanks for checking out my page. The next few weeks I’m traveling for work, and unfortunately, that includes either leaving or coming back on a Sunday. I signed up for your email updates. Please keep me posted. Thank you!

  2. Julie Fitzgerald said

    What a great write-up! Lovely perspective. Thanks so much for coming and supporting us, everyone was tickled to see the supportive turn-out. We’ll be doing these every once in a while so like Christy said, check out DallasVegan.com…Jamey’s totally in the know about every event like this. Hope to see you around!

    • Thanks for the feedback. I follow them on Twitter and FB, and left my email address while there. If I don’t hear through one medium, I have 2 more chances. Looking forward to more events. Thanks for your involvement.

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