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So glad our CSA Comeback Creek is @coppellfmarket ! Kale, lettuce, radishes, onions, happy the spring season is here. http://ow.ly/i/arPF

So I’ve gotten the itch to plant a vegetable and herb garden. I decided before I went nuts with it and watched it turn into a box full of weeds, I’d start slow. I got 3 large 25 gallon containers and some vegetables and herbs to work with this year, and if I learn well from it, maybe next year I’d build a box to put a garden into.

One of the dangers in having these is that my wife runs a licensed day care from our home. Little kids, and big pots with plants don’t necessarily co-exist well together. Our grandchildren are currently part of the day care so I took aside the oldest (4 years old) and showed him the pots, explained to him what they were about and what we could get to eat from them if they’re taken care of properly. I also told him, that if, when they were outside, if he saw any of the kids messing with them, to be sure and tell “Miss Mary” (my wife).

Well, he and his little sister stayed overnight with us. This turns into a treat for all of us, because we try to distinguish with them the difference between “day care time”, and “grandma and pop pop time”, and tonight was going to be grandma and pop pop time. So while I stayed home with his sister, and we spent time in the front yard throwing out bread for the birds, he and my wife went to run a few errands (which generally ends with a stop in the toy aisle). While they were out, they bought some small plastic watering cans for a project my wife had planned to do with the class during the week. In addition, he and his sister got their own, personal ones to take home.

After dinner that night, they were taking a bath, and after my wife had taken out my grand-daughter to dry her off and get her in PJ’s, I stayed with my grandson, still in the tub. He was playing with the watering can he had gotten, pretending it was “raining”, and then pretending he was watering the flowers with it. At one point he said to me, “pop pop, can I water the vegetables?” I said sure, but we’d do it the next day after the sun came out. He was satisfied with that answer and played some more. Then he said “pop pop, I want to water your bagels”. I said “what?” He repeated, “I want to water your bagels”. I said “my bagels?” He said “yea, your bagels.” I sat puzzled for a moment and started to say “but I don’t have any….”, and then I realized. I asked him, “do you mean you want to water my basil?” He said “yea, your bagels.”

“Sure pal, tomorrow you can water my bagels.” 🙂

I read an article recently about internet privacy. Just a few months ago I was extremely reluctant to “put myself out there” as it was. I made a decision a few weeks ago to reverse that. I have for many years encouraged others to “embrace change”. It generally was in the context of a discussion about a business, usually one that was going through significant change. The more time I spent thinking about it, the more I realized I was setting myself up to basically live on an island, looking through binoculars at what was happening on the shore of the land in the distance. Always the observer, never the participant.

I am quite wary about the amount of information that is available to companies about me. I would rather not even think about hackers. I take solace in the fact that I live such a relatively tame lifestyle, don’t have valuables that I think anyone else would be interested in, or have such stellar credit that anyone could use it for their own gain. I try to be careful, but not obsessed, over the security of things done while surfing the net.

Having said that, I realized as I went through my junk mail, and ignored yet another call from “unknown”, that I’m already “out there”. So I decided to take my own advice and embrace change. This blog is the result of my doing that. I spend my time learning more about the internet, how things work, and if there was some way for me to utilize it to my benefit. I’ll let you know what I find out.

What I didn’t really think much of though, was the fact that as I go from internet page to internet page, there are windows that companies are looking through to track what I do. Not necessarily me by name specifically, but the steps I take each day while surfing. This article woke me up to that. It named a number of sites that provide you with a of list companies that you can opt out of being tracked by them, and one in particular, “Ghostery” that I could download, and then see, in a pop up window, the companies that were tracking me as I surfed from page to page.

I downloaded it (it’s free, and you can take it off if you’d like), and the first time I saw the window pop up, it kind of freaked me out. It was as if someone had walked by my house, stopped and was watching what I was doing through a window. My immediate thought was to get rid of it, but I didn’t. After a while, I got comfortable with it. I think that knowing that I had a few choices, one being to take it off and try to forget that it was happening, stop my activity altogether online (so no one could know what “I was up to”), or, I could accept that it’s the newest form of ways that companies have to find ways to sell me stuff that I may want, leave it on, and know who it is that’s looking. I chose the last. I’m not getting off the internet, I can’t cloak myself in secrecy (I guess for the right price I could), and I want to have access to the world available via the web. But at least with my new “Ghost friend” showing up as I move around, giving me a heads up that someone’s watching, I feel like I have SOME control. Check them out by clicking on their name below:


Food Truck Smackdown!

March 18, 2011

This was mouth-watering just reading it! The business of Gourmet Food Trucks. Bloomberg Business Week article. Makes me want to travel just to visit them all and decide on my own. Definitely keeping track of these as I travel. Not all vegan/vegetarian obviously, but many do offer it.

Food Truck Smackdown!


Go Cosmic or Caravelle?

March 18, 2011

 Trying to decide, dinner at Caravelle , or go downtown Dallas to Cosmic Cafe ? That’s the question for tonight. I’m hungry, but not enough to go to both.

If Caravelle, Sauted Eggplant in Garlic Sauce, Lemon grass Tofu (lovely little pillows of fried Tofu), and Veggie fried rice. Lots of Jasmine Tea.

If Cosmic, would be torn between the “I hate eggplant” on pita, “rumi’s falafel”, and the “pizza mystica”. Lots of Chai tea. I hate having to make decisions like this. Ultimately, I’ll win, no matter what the choice.

What a tough life…. 😛

Check out this article from One Green Planet

Corn Chowder Recipe

I added a diced jalepeno pepper (membranes intact, seeds removed), about 1/2 tablespoon cayenne, and 1/2 tablespoon of red pepper flakes to add some heat to it.

Great recipe. Thanks!

Is this a stunt, or for real? Anybody know? http://ow.ly/4g1Om

Dinner tonight. Hate to have to wait until later! http://ow.ly/4fdCH