I really like it when a business values you enough to take extra steps to resolve something gone awry. We periodically order pizza delivery from Pizza by Marco, Carrollton. We like to get the optional wheat crust with the pizza we order. When you order online, you can add an amount as a tip for the delivery driver, and we did that last night. I am used to giving delivery drivers cash tips, so doing it this way always makes me wonder how well the tip portion is communicated to the drivers before they make their run. I feel funny not giving someone a tip at the door, but if we’ve already included it, then so be it.

Last night, when our pizza was delivered, I took it in the house, opened it, and saw it was pretty badly burned around the edges, so I headed outside as quickly as I could to try to catch the driver before he left. I was successful. When I told him that the pizza was burnt, his response was “well that’s the way it was made sir”. (Huh?) So I said, “it’s supposed to be burned like this?” His response: “well, I guess when we have 5 deliveries all going out at once.” I told him thanks, I’ll just call the store. When I called, the manager was very apologetic, asked me to describe the driver, and he was putting a replacement in the oven immediately. I asked him to please insure the same driver did not come back, he assured me it would be someone else.

When the new pie arrived, I received additional apologies, with a coupon for a free pizza of similar size for the next time we order, as well, as a very well made pizza. In addition, about 15 minutes later, we got a follow-up call from the manager, Deke, asking if it was alright, and if we had received the coupon from the driver. He further explained how we can use it when ordering again, and apologized once more for the issue.

You know, things like this can happen, you don’t quite get what you expected, and generally, if you bring it up, someone (at least those that I continue to give my business to) will work to correct it. I think what completely threw me in this case was the driver not willing to do a thing to help in the situation.

Thanks to store management, not only for fixing it, but for going above and beyond to keep our future business. We appreciate it.